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Hike to Myrtle Peak

Myrtle Peak in the Selkirk Mountains

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One of the most popular forest driving loops outside of Bonners Ferry is the Myrtle Peak-to-Snow Creek drive. And along the way, the hike to Myrtle Peak makes an excellent 4-5 hour excursion for adventurous backcountry travelers.

The 3-mile hike to the peak climbs through open forest and rocky meadows with vies of Harrison Peak and the Two Mouth Lakes basin t the south. Where the trail finally breaks over the top, a short spur trail of just 100 fee for so leads to the summit of Myrtle Peak and the reins of an old lookout that once sat there. The views in all direction anre terric, particularly o f the huge granite ridge that comprises The Lions Head. To it’s north you can see the very beginning of Long Canyon, the last major unloaded drainage in the Selkirk Mountains. If you wanted, you could cross the peak and head down to Myrtle Lake, which you’ll see below to the north. It’s another 1.5 miles with about 1000 feet of descent; there’s a good population of cutthroatt court in the lake.

Details: 3 miles to peak, 6 miles round trip. Moderately strenuous.
Directions: From Bonners Ferry, head east to the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, then 1.3 miles north on the Westside Road to Myrtle Creek Road No. 633. Follow that about 10 miles to turn right onto Road No. 2406; trailhead is 3 miles up. Note: This is a rough road that requires a high-clearance vehicle.

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