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Hayden: Hayden Lake Marathon Half Marathon & 10k

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Starts: October 19, 2019 - 7:30am

Ever wonder what it’s like to run an entire marathon where breathtaking lake views and verdant conifers whisk your spirits along? Ever wonder if you have enough mettle and fortitude to conquer 26.2 nirvana-paved miles of winding ascents and descents?

Float along a lakeside roadway that boasts 26.2 miles of running euphoria. Experience the wondrous beauty of this unique marathon which allows athletes to fly counter-clockwise around the lake on odd years, and clockwise on even years.

Come put yourself and your friends to the test. Nobody can come away from the Hayden Lake Marathon without gaining a life-altering experience. Everybody who finishes this race will stand a little taller. Friends on the sidelines will experience a sense of awe, knowing an incredible feat has been mastered. Join the fray of running gurus in this soul-fulfilling journey. Summon your inner warrior, and conquer the Hayden Lake Marathon!

The Hayden Lake Marathon is not a course for world records, but rather a course designed to uncover something deep inside each athlete. Sometimes it is more important to find out what you’re made of, than to find the easiest race.