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Avery Museum

The Avery Museum complex includes the former Milwaukee Road (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railway) depot (1909-1974), the fish pond, and the Twin Grove rail car.  The depot now houses a museum room filled with historic photographs and a meeting room in what used to be a 24-hour cafe.  It also houses the Community Library and Post Office.

The complex was built in 1909 by Milwaukee Railroad as part of its Pacific Extension into the Pacific Northwest from Chicago, Illinois.  When the railroad went bankrupt in the 1980s, the depot was sold to the town of Avery for use as a community center.  The depot was added to the National Register of Historic Places due to its association with the Great Fire of 1910 as an evacuation site.

The Avery Community Center houses the museum, library and The Beanery, The station agent’s office and lunch room.  A Milwaukee Road train car with museum pieces inside take you back to the early days of North Idaho.

The fish pond was built by the railroad in the first few years after it began operation and is stocked now with rainbow trout.

The Twin Grove, built in 1947, operated with the Morning and Afternoon Hiawathas between Chicago and St. Paul.  The Twin Grove has a lounge and kitchen and originally had a dining room.  The rail car is filled with historic railroad photographs and memorabilia.

All free – the Twin Grove and fish pond and library are always open.  The museum room and post office are open weekdays and Saturday when the post office is open.

Contact Info:

10 Depot Rd., Avery, ID

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