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Fort Sherman

Built in 1880 by the U.S. Army, the Fort Sherman Chapel is Coeur d’Alene’s oldest church, school, library and meeting hall.  Fort Sherman was abandoned in 1900 and the buildings and property sold at public auction in 1905. Developers bought what is today known as the Sherman Park Addition, which included the Chapel. Over the years many denominations used the Chapel for church services. Concerted effort began in 1934 to preserve the Chapel. In 1942 The Athletic Round Table held the Chapel in trust and began repairs of the structure. To ensure the preservation of Coeur d’Alene’s oldest standing building, the A.R.T. donated the Chapel to the Museum of North Idaho in 1984.

The Fort Sherman Chapel is available for weddings and small events. $300 per event. Seats 80 to 100 in about 15 pews.

All proceeds go into the Chapel Fund for maintenance and preservation. Donations to the Chapel are welcome.

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332 Hubbard, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Fort Sherman Website

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