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Nine Mile Canyon Road & Cemetery Road Wallace, ID 83873
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Nine Mile Cemetery

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They say dead men tell no tales. But a cemetery is full of stories. Such is the case of with the Nine Mile Cemetery of Wallace, located just north of town on Dobson Pass Road. Among those buried there are heroes from every American conflict from the Civil War onward. The historic cemetery has graves dating from the 1880s and is located in a forested setting on a fairly steep hillside. Graves include those from the early mining days of the Silver Valley and include the grave of Edward Pulaski, a hero of Idaho’s “Big Blowup” fires of 1910. He invented a tool still used today, “The Pulaski,” which has become standard equipment in the Northern Rockies Division of the U.S. Forest Service. There are also special monuments commemorating the fallen from the Great Fire of 1910. All set among rolling hills and forest, it is a must stop for any history buff. A listing of all those buried there is available for viewing by appointment at the Wallace Visitors’ Center located just off exit 61 and I-90 on 10 River St. in Wallace


Location: Nine Mile Cemetery is located approximately one mile north of Wallace. From Wallace take Nine Mile Canyon Road northeast for about a mile. The road into the cemetery is called Cemetery Road and is on the left side.