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The Sprag Pole

Created in 1933 by Walt Almquist when he purchased the Murray building, the unique Sprag Pole Museum began with an old whiskey jug and exploded from there. Walt, joined by brother, Harry Almquist, turned the operation into a nonprofit corporation in 1982. Known as the Cradle City of the Coeur d’Alene’s in the late 1800’s, Murray was a base for prospectors seeking their fortunes. It is now the final resting place of Maggie Hall, an Irish woman who went by the name “Molly Burdan.” When she spoke with her strong native accent, the name was heard as Molly B’Damn and the name stuck. The museum boasts of 12 special exhibits which include: an acclaimed mining exhibit, blacksmith and barber shop, old fashioned school room, furnished parlor, doctors office, 1900 kitchen, post office, the Cataldo Mission – native Indians, logging/forestry/firefighting, expansive rock and mineral display and Molly B’Damn’s bedroom.

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6353 Prichard Creek Rd., Murray, ID 83874

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