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Lookout Pass – Cardboard Box Derby & Hawaiian Luau BBQ

April 11, 2021 We’ll host our Fun and Fabulous – Cardboard Box Derby & HAWAIIAN LUAU – As we get ready to send the winter season down stream – We decided it’s time to enjoy a responsible Spring Ralley PARTY! The mountain will blast some Jimmy Buffett Tunes across the back deck. We’ll have a BBQ & Cold Brews on the Back Deck – Possibly even a snow bar from 11 am to 2 pm!
A KEY FEATURE WILL BE OUR CARDBOARD BOX DERBY @ 2pm – Make something you or your kids can slide down a short section of trail on. NOTE you can only use Cardboard and Duct Tape. Nothing else can be used to make your conveyance except paint or markers. Awards given for Most Unique & Best Theme… The key is to get involved and have FUN! Then get ready for a fun slide to show off your creation.

Cardboard Box Derby will require an Assumption of Risk –  Release of Liability for any persons – children to participate.