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Lookout Pass – Mountain Brewfest & Snow Bowling with kids contest

5th Annual Snow Bowling Contest – Starts at 2 p.m. (No charge for Snow Bowling).
Slope Side of the Lodge deck just above the roasting brats & Mountain Brewfest tent! 

Two persons team.
One an adult or sibling pushes, while a child (12 or under) sits on a saucer -acting like the bowling ball waiting to be hurled down the mountain (A gentle slope) toward inflatable bowling pins.

The object is to push the slider towards the pins without the pusher (adult or sibling) crossing the fault line. The slider will then head towards the 10 inflatable pins and knock down as many as possible. Slider must keep their arms & feet inside the shape of the saucer. Two runs per team. Shoot for a STIKE or SPARE! Best Snowbowlers will win a kids centric prize. Fun for kids & adults alike. Helmets required for the children sliding in the saucer. Yes there will be some fun Prizes for the kids!!

Teams must sign a liability release form. Registration takes place at the top of the snow lane which is just in front of the lodge deck and up that slight incline.
Teams: Kids will be the sliders and an Adult/sibling will be the pusher.

Prizes awarded to the 3 teams who register the most pins knocked down.

Mountain Brewfest & Hot off the grill German Beer Brats.
Beers & Brats available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Patio / Back Deck! 


For more information visit Snow bowling and Mountain Brewfest