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Priest River – Magical Forest Experiences

Jul 15, 2023

09:30 am - 04:00 pm

2256 Hoodoo Mountain Road, Priest River, ID. 83856 2256 Hoodoo Mountain Road, Priest River, ID 83856, US
Priest River ID, 83856

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(831) 440-8482

Hidden amongst towering evergreen trees lies this charming oasis that celebrates creativity, inspiration and play for all ages. Join family and friends for fairy fun this summer! 4 unique events. 6 dates. We look forward to seeing you for festivities in the forest.


WEE FAIRY FIND ~ for child(ren) 16 and under plus an accompanying adult

🧚 WEE FAIRY FIND is an experience of magic, innocence & decadence that makes a lifelong impression. Expect to see, feel and imagine the enchanted beings who reside on this sacred land as we play, create and eat together. Each of us has a unique contribution to make to the magic of the day. Your full presence is your gift; your present to the fairies. This is an intimate affair, limited to 24 fairy-loving attendees. 🧚

⚠️ NOTE: This is a zero-tech event. Cell phones will be gently wrestled from your hands, if necessary, and returned to you at day’s end to ensure an undistracted experience. This is a FULL IMMERSION, EXPERIENTIAL EVENT of the wonder that’s possible when we offer ourselves wholly to the magic. ⚠️

🧸 Kids of all ages welcome. Adults must be accompanied by at least one child under 16. 🧸

🌿 Hidden amongst towering evergreen trees lies this charming oasis that celebrates art, creativity and community. Five acres of enchanting old-growth forest, lush greenery and a rainbow-array of seasonal flowers awaits you. Stunning woodland views in every direction. Soothing sounds of a year-round creek. Active wildlife and elementals—elves, fairies, gnomes, pixies and other wee folk— live on this land and as its stewards, we are privileged to share it with you. See an extensive library of images at 🌿

💖 Adornment ~ Fairies LOVE fancy dress! Please wear attire that honors, celebrates and matches their fluttery enthusiasm ~OR~ show up early to be adorned by one of our elves who are experts at costuming for this special occasion.

💖 Warm welcome by your host, Lynn, the overlighting deva-of-the-woods at A Wee Place.

💖 Fairy Gifts ~ We give because we are grateful. Fairies ADORE receiving gifts made with loving intent and creativity from the abundance of the nature around us. We will leave these in the pulsing energy center of the onsite labyrinth.

💖 Fairy Find ~ Summer is when fairies shed their wings in the process of growing new ones. These remnants are actually called “sheds.” As you walk through the forest, you’ll discover evidence of this process. Look up, look down, look all around. Delight in the glimmering variations. The wings you find, you can keep! This exploration is also the opportunity to choose items you’ll use to construct a fairy house; twigs, leaves, pinecones, moss, mushrooms, stones, etc.

💖 Make a Fairy House ~ During your stay, you have access to our robust craft center to make a fairy house. You can leave it here or take it with you as a reminder of this special day.

💖 Afternoon High Tea ~ Imagine sitting at a decadent table showcasing tastebud-bursting desserts—pies, tarts, brownies, petit fours, cream puffs—assorted light refreshments—cheese puffs, light antipasti—and tasty elemental-inspired nectars. Catering by The Bees Knees, exclusive caterer to the Queen of the Forest. And because the fairies insist on only the best, you will eat from our eclectic, hand-procured selection of exquisite glass and china tea-ware. 🦋 Feel free to bring your own lunch if you prefer a full meal at lunchtime or have special dietary requirements. 🦋

🌟 Wee Fairy Find officially ends at 4 PM, but you are welcome to stay into the evening for music, dancing and stargazing (bring a pad or blanket, flashlight or headlamp, binoculars, etc.). Bring your own dinner or join us for a BBQ dinner (see registration add-ons). Additional options also include overnight accommodation and breakfast on Sunday morning (see registration add-ons). 🌟


If you’d like to host your own special event at A Wee Place, you are welcome!
💐 Anniversaries 💐 Birthdays 💐 Celebrations 💐 Cosplay 💐 Tea Parties 💐 Weddings 💐

Enjoy the benefit of exclusive use of the property for the duration of your festivities. For site facilities, overnight accommodations, and a library of more than 500 photos, visit